A Web Browser

WbBrowse is currently available for modern versions of Windows, OSX and .deb-based Linux.

Download version 1.0 for Windows 7 or newer, 32-bit* (installer) [25MB]

Download version 1.0 for Linux 64-bit (.deb package, tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and newer) [<1MB]

Download version 1.0 for OSX Yosemite or newer, 64-bit (.zip file) [69MB]

* - Works on 64-bit.

Our installers do not contain any adware, spyware, or any of that other add-on junk that tries to trick you into installing it in addition to the program you're trying to install.

Wikipedia as viewed in the WbBrowse web browser.

Screenshot of WbBrowse on Ubuntu Linux

WbBrowse is built using the Qt libraries and is based on the Tab Browser project.

If you have any problems, have a suggestion for improvement, or want an operating system build not available here, email jchampion [at] zetacentauri . com.

WbBrowse is a product of the WbSrch search engine.