What Model Is Your Laptop Battery? This Is How To Tell

What Model Is Your Laptop Battery? This Is How To Tell

A laptop battery is what makes the laptop portable. It lets you function without a power source for a couple of hours before you have to plug it in. A new laptop keeps power much longer than an old one. It is because charge cycles get depleted with time every time you charge it. Good quality batteries like the Genuine Dell Laptop Battery last a very long time and in good condition. The low-quality batteries need replacement sooner than others. To get a new battery, you must identify the make of your laptop to get something compatible. This article explains ways of knowing your laptop battery model.

Identifying your laptop battery model

Compatibility is a crucial element when selecting your preferred battery. The wrong battery may cause more problems on the computer or fail to function altogether.

1. Consult the laptop battery seller

There are rare occasions when the seller doesn't know what laptop models he's selling. Most store owners have details about all laptops and their batteries. After buying a computer, you get to keep its paperwork for future reference. However, if you misplace it, you can return it to the store and get the details you need. Don't rush to open the battery compartment, especially if the battery is damaged.

2. Check the battery

Do this only if the battery hasn't shown any signs of damage to avoid any explosion. It's ideal for removable batteries that you can just pop out of its section. Switch off the laptop and remove the power cable from its port. Remove the battery and try locating the information on one of its sides. Alternatively, you can find it in the compartment itself, showing the model of the battery, the number, power level, and current flow.

3. Check the software resources of the laptop battery

The resources come in handy when the laptop has a non-removable battery. You can damage your computer when trying to remove a sealed battery. The presence of these materials makes work simpler and keeps the laptop safe. Examples of these resources include Notebook Hardware Control, which provides battery information, and Battery Care. They are the primary battery materials, but you can get others at a small few. You can also subscribe to a free 30-day trial to test the software and pay later if interested.

4. Find out if the laptop battery is recalled

Go to the brand website and source for information for a recalled battery. Most of them provide these details, so you don’t have to consult the seller or open the battery section. The good thing about these batteries is the chance of free replacement. If yours is listed on the recall list, the manufacturer replaces it with a new battery.

Final words

A laptop with the correct battery functions well and lasts longer. When getting a replacement, choose a model-specific battery for compatibility reasons. Use the given tips to identify the battery model and buy what you are sure about. Don’t force non-removable batteries out to avoid additional damage.